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As I have grown and developed on my e-learning journey (and I still regard myself as having a long way to go!) there are some noteworthy Blogs, readings and video clips which, over time I will share either in full or the links to them on this page.

The Virtual Learning Network (VLN)

If you are a New Zealand teacher at any level and you have not come across this wealth of knowledge, you need to join!  Think of an ultra-large staffroom where the chat is professional in nature and you get to ask those burning "How do you make THAT happen when..." type of questions.  You will find answers coming from teachers in the real world of the classroom as well as experts from organisations such as CORE, various universities spread far and wide offering you advice.  A good place to start is right here.

The VLN is organised into groups - some open and public, others more private.  Anyone can set up a group for their school or a specific area of interest.  There are far too many groups to note them all here but one recent addition was made specifically for Intermediate level teachers by Suzie Vesper called Year Seven and Eight Educators Unite

Some of the most popular groups at present include:
The iPad iPod User Group
Enabling e-Learning
Managed Learning Environments - MLES
BYOD In Schools
Google Apps For Education
Blended e-Learning For Maori and Pasifika Learners

Make good use of this awesome resource - it really does knock down the walls of your classroom allowing you a chance to 'see' what others are doing.


Blogs and Wikis

Cool Tools for Schools

This is a Wikispace created by Lenva Shearing which has a massive array of links to Web 2.0 Tools for use in the classroom.

Mark Anderson - ICTEvangelist

Mark is a forward thinking Apple Distinguished Educator based in the UK who has some great ideas for incorporating ICT into our classrooms.

Become a Committed Sardine - I am!

As a Committed Sardine you have a weekly email sent to you with the best bits out of blogs and articles being followed by The 21st Century Fluency Project.  There is a planner template here that allows teachers to plan for the eLearning Fluencies developed by the Project.  The best bit is ... the planner is set up for our NZC as well as Australian, Canadian and American learning objectives.

Digital Learning Environments                     

This is a Facebook page being used as a method of delivering professional readings and things to think about.


Sir Ken Robinson - Escaping Educations Death Valley - 2013


Kevin Honeycutt - Ulearn12

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Simon Breakspear: Edupreneurship

Simon">">Simon Breakspear: Edupreneurship
from EDtalks">EDtalks> on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>

 Lane Clark - Real Learning is Bigger than Inquiry

Real">">Real Learning: It's bigger than inquiry
from EDtalks">EDtalks> on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>

Lee Crockett - Understanding the Digital Generation

from EDtalks">EDtalks> on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>


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