Checkpoints to Consider

SAMR Model

I was first introduced to the SAMR Model by Lorraine Vickery at the 2013 VPLD Hui.  It is something I am taking the time to delve into more as it is a superb benchmark for how and why we are including e-learning. 

Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition should be foremost in our minds as we plan and work with our students.  E-learning should be about making the most of the tool rather than a jazzed up version of something that could be completed in another way.

Below is a flow diagram Lorraine shared with us created by Mark Anderson that we should work through if we are creating higher order tasks for our students.  I have also included a few You Tube clips that will explain this model well including one by Mark Anderson.

Image from  Mark Anderson of Clevedon School, Somerset, UK, who produced the flow chart above has a series of Blog posts which are also a great to use to check out more on this topic.  I have included his You Tube clip on this subject here as well as a few others that may be of assistance:


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