Sunday, 12 July 2015

Changes Abound

Noting the date of my last post I realise I have been remiss at keeping this blog up-to-date.  I had looked to create a new blog but now feel, as the slack blogger I am, it is better to keep this one alive and healthy rather than have two neglected blogs.

So for those who check here regularly for updates - only to be disappointed - I should let you know that I have had a metamorphosis greater than the one I underwent last year as a CORE Education efellow, but stemming from the confidence I developed as a result.

My teaching at secondary level ended with 2014.  I am now working for CORE Education as a Learning with Digital Technologies (LwDT) facilitator.  This involves guiding 9 schools along their paths into the digital world, offering professional development and learning a heck of a lot about teaching effectively, and myself, along the way.

My world has moved from the paper-heavy classroom/school setting to an almost paperless work environment where Google is well utilized. I find myself sitting a lot more than I did in the classroom and am about to wage war on the weight I have gained as a result.  Moving consciously is an on-going challenge.  I travel more than ever before, both by car to the schools I work with and flying to hui or courses to extend myself.  My ability to incorporate my knowledge is growing, as is my realisation that part of my job is to actually make time during the work day to play with new tools and learn for my development - not something I am used to.  I love the ability to use glide time, be trusted to manage my business expenses and to just plain get the job done. I am part of the most amazing team I have worked with to date - and that is saying something because I have had some great teams in my teaching career.

I am freshly returned from a Microsoft Master Trainer's course in Sydney, have completed a paper through the University of Otago about Knowledge Building in Semester 1 this year and am working my way, sporadically, through my Developing Virtual Mentor modules, my Reo modules and the certification tasks for Google and Microsoft.  Apple is also on my hit list.  I have discovered I am not so fond of formal learning, much preferring the less formal world of modules and badge earning. But the learning continues no matter what.

I originally stumbled back across this blog as I looked for a platform I could use for sharing my Microsoft learning.  This may or may not be the place it happens - it feels wrong to blog in the oppositions space about my learning!  I now wonder whether a wiki is my best alternative.  The goal is to create a go-to place written in plain English, with links to Microsoft and other resources as required, so teachers like I was last year do not feel they are reinventing a wheel through lack of support.

Watch this space - it is going to continue to grow.  I have resources to add to pages established that I have discovered this year and probably new pages to create. It is going to be a pleasure to grow this as a resource I can draw on and for others to also access.