Tuesday, 30 July 2013

BYOD - Points to Consider

Today was a chance for me to chat with the lovely Principal at Kamo Intermediate School, in Whangarei.  My thanks go to Mr Paul Shepherd for giving up an hour and a half of his precious time.

Following that discussion I have come away with several points that need considering before embarking on a BYOD programme for students.

  • WHY?  There needs to be an overarching philosophy behind a move to students bringing their devices.
  • HOW? How will the devices be used?  How will this be monitored? How will you ensure equity?  How much do the teachers need to know before the students are introduced to the apps/programs/equipment?  How will the staff share what they know?
  • WHAT? What will the students actually do with them?  What training does your staff require?  What platform will you use or are you going to use a multi-platform approach like Google Apps or Office 365? What changes in pedagogy are required to make best use out of the equipment now available in the classroom?  What else regarding infrastructure needs to be put in place before it can support BYOD?
  • WHEN?  When will your students be able to access the network on their devices for Internet eg only during school hours?
  • WHO?  Who is responsible for theft/damage?  Who will monitor for responsible digital citizenship?  Who will have the passion on your staff to keep anything put in place active?  Who can maintain this if there is only one person with that passion? Who should have ownership of the policies and procedures that go with BYOD? 
Discussions need to be held on a regular basis with contributing schools to know what is happening before the students arrive in the Intermediate and with the secondary schools to know what they are doing and any preparation that needs to happen ahead of the student's time in that environment.

I wish Paul and his team all the best as they work their way through this maze of questions - and probably more to come as they move further along in their journey. 

Nga mihi nui koe

Saturday, 20 July 2013

And it Begins...

I have been lucky enough to attain a TeachNZ sabbatical which I am undertaking during Term3, 2013.  The project being undertaken during this time revolves around building a resource of some of the practices I see while I visit a variety of schools through the North Island.

There are a range of areas I am exploring - ePortfolios, Inquiry and how that fits in around all the other 'stuff' an Intermediate school needs to incorporate, BYOD, and pedagogical change that has (or has not) come with the arrival of Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB).  Alongside those foci I am also lucky enough to be having a look through Point England School who are part of the Manaiakalani Cluster and have the reputation for amazing eLearning happening, as well as a visit to another school which has a radio station operated by the students.

My journey to these schools begins in just over a week, but keep watching this space as I intend to begin listing ideas, resources and websites that may be of use to those of you in Intermediate and Middle Schools.

My intention is not for this Blog to become static over time but to continue to build and grow as I discover new things in eLearning that work in schools teaching adolescents and teens.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.